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Publication date: March 2019
Sandra Vartan Florian Wagner

African Waters

A Continent And His Waters From A Bird's Eye View

How often does the most important story about a continent have to be told? And—what’s maybe even more important: how should it be depicted and presented?

Florian Wagner, adventurer, globetrotter, and photographer, never at a loss for an answer, decided: This could only be done on a massive scale. From so far above that the beholder is able to comprehend the dimensions of the continent and of the subject at one glance: The situation of Africa and the water. And so, maps were studied, long-term weather forecasts consulted, permits obtained, helicopters chartered, air routes determined, and the entire continent looked at and photographed from the appropriate height and with a 360-degree view.

The result is a spectacular book in extraordinary landscape format that does justice to the panorama images as well as to the relevance of the subject: Africa and the history of animals and humans, of development and politics, of drought and abundance.


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Florian Wagner

Florian Wagner, born in 1967, is a photographer, adventurer, and helicopter pilot. He captures his expeditions with his camera. Exhibitions and publications (National Geographic, GQ, Süddeutsche Zeitung, etc.) document his adventurous spirit, his eye for detail, and the high technical quality of his works.