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220 Pages
Publication date: November 2020
Jan Mersch Markus Fleischmann Helmut Mittermayer


Detection, Judgement, Avoidance, Rescue

Recognizing avalanche danger, assessing risk, avoiding accidents – key skills and correct strategies of applied avalanche awareness and avalanche rescue.

Avalanche awareness has developed considerably over the past ten years. One can recognize the avalanche danger. One can judge the avalanche risk. One can avoid triggering an avalanche. This book conveys in a comprehensible manner all the necessary basics according to the latest state of knowledge in avalanche research.

The various currently common assessment methods are explained and brought together in a simple decision strategy. The efficient search for buried subjects and companion rescue in an emergency is just as necessary in the sense of responsibility as the right decision strategy. The fastest and most efficient technique for this is presented.


Jan Mersch

Jan Mersch, born 1971, is a psychologist and mountain guide. His experience as a behavioural therapist has had a decisive influence on his engagement with applied avalanche awareness.

Markus Fleischmann

Markus Fleischmann, born 1978, is a state-certified mountain and ski guide. As a certified geographer, he is a specialist in avalanche forecasting. In the DAV he is responsible for the instruction of aspiring alpine trainers.

Helmut Mittermayer

Helmut Mittermayr, born in 1968, is a state-certified mountain and ski guide, emergency paramedic and flight rescuer. As a long-time instructor in mountain guide and mountain rescue training, he is a contributory authority for the standardized teaching opinion


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